Wednesday, May 28, 2008

summer = baseball and yarn!

So, I'm finished with finals and suddenly summer school is underway. I'm trying my hardest to recuperate while we try to squeeze in as much fun as possible now that I only have one class instead of four. Watch out!

Some law school peeps got together for Lester's no hitter last week. It was my first fenway game and while it wasn't as good as wrigley, it was actually pretty fun!

ollie sandwich!

Except of course during the seventh inning stretch when I got a million glares for singing "root, root-root for the CUBBIES!" during take me out to the ball game. Whatevs.

We kept it low key for memorial day weekend, with one crazy exception....Ollie, Emily and I headed out to Cummington (yes, correctly spelled) for the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft show. Lamburgers, yarn, shearing and showing; it was a good time. Ollie feigned interest, but I think he enjoyed taking lots of pics with his fancy pants new birthday camera. Some of the sheep were pretty photogenic!

Feigning or not, he wins husband of the year award for driving, and more importantly, for waiting while we shopped at WEBS! So much yarn, such friendly staff, such great prices (discounts!), it was a little overwhelming. I've been resigning for awhile now to knit a sweater for myself, but babies and birthdays keep popping up. No more! I've got enough yarn to knit a few sweaters and then some. Surely WEBS was my last big meal, I've got to go on a yarn diet!

The question now is, what to knit? I've been eyeing twinkle's twiggy, the CPH, and the tweedy aran. But I've also had my eye on rusted root for awhile, and cherry and sizzle too, and if I knit one of the summery sweaters, maybe I could actually wear it this summer?

decisions decisions....
all fotos courtesy of the above linked websites

Hmmm....Ollie's gonna kill me for all this blathering on about knitting.


leigh said...

I vote for the orange short sleeved sweater on the bottom left corner.

Pants said...

It is the first thing in my ravelry I guess you picked correctly!