Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm done with finals! Woo hoo! As you can imagine dear reader(s?), most of march, april, and may were spent in fits of studying, procrastinating, pouting, and no blogging. Good thing Ollie is such a Pants fan, 'cause I wouldn't wanna put up with me. Needless to say, it's over. How did I do? Dunno. Not much I can do about it now, it is what it is. Besides, I'm sure it's not hard to make the dean's list when you're in kindergarten, right?

Anywho, after finals were finished, I headed out on a whirlwind tour to see fam and friends. First I jetted over to chi-town for a quick visit with Nita, Matt, and Evan. They're doing fantastic. He's a great baby and Nita's such a good mom!

sleepy evan
ohmygoodness he's so cute, but boy, do babies poop and puke A LOT!

I managed to finish his blankie in time for the visit, but apparently dropped a stitch (during finals? no! what a shocker!), because after a good washing, it had a ginormous hole in it. Daphne was relieved to find I would be leaving the reject at home. I knit him up a new one, and I've been told he's thrown up on it a few times already. Yay!

I also stopped in for a quick visit with the in-laws and a few bottles of wine in celebration of mother's day...good times were had by all!

chi-town mosaic
don't mind the blurry pics, I wasn't exaggerating about the wine

Since my trip was technically a vacation, I also managed to sneak in a little fiber hunting and found some lovely noro kureyon sock at wool and company, a great LYS in Geneva...which was kind of on my way to Glen Ellyn, according to Carmen (the garmin I rented). Isn't that what everyone does on their vacations?!

After chi-town, I headed to L.A. for three perfect days with my grandma, aunties, and cousins. Grandma was game for a drive to Pasadena to check out another LYS, this time skein. While the store carried a lot of nice yarns, it was WAY overpriced; Gram was commenting on the prices for two days after our trip :-)

She's doing great and she looks fantastic. We hung out, worked on a puzzle, watched the dodgers, watered the flowers, chatted on the porch; you know, the usual. It was a low key visit, but exactly the quality time I love with her. Her front porch is easily my favorite place in the world. The one comfort in saying goodbye was that I knew I'd be back there next month for her 95th birthday party.

Yes, 95! She doesn't look a day over 80!

I've started knitting her a cardigan for the big day, but my progress is slow, and there's a good chance it will turn into a christmas present.

bristow mosaic
bristow cardigan, lorna's laces shepherd worsted (superwash!) in periwinkle

I'm almost finished with the back section, I've left out the waist shaping and plan to knit the sleeves in the round. Think I can have it seamed by June 7th before my flight?

Yeah, me neither.

Last, but certainly not least, I drove from L.A. and spent the weekend in S.D. with BA and Timmy. I managed to sneak in a great brunch date with Kate and Beth at the americana in Del Mar, and Timmy was a gracious host and picked us up some In-n-Out for dinner on Saturday! It was great to see them, the boys are HUGE, and I got a lot of quality time with frankie.

frankie models her sweater
she's irresistible

They're amazing parents, I really don't know how they do it. I volunteered to help out and take frankie off their hands, but Beth wouldn't have it. Hmph. (Neither would daphne, nor our landlord for that matter, but that's irrelevant!) It was so lovely to spend time with friends and family, even with tearful goodbyes. I'd give anything for a real summer break, but as Butch always says, wish in one hand....

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leigh said...

my kids are looking at little frankie longingly and saying, "who's that?" She's very cute, especially in that lovely sweater.

and congrats on getting done with finals. too bad you weren't going right through Utah in all of your travels!