Sunday, March 30, 2008

¡ándele pues!

Our trip was all that one can hope for....relaxing, sun and fun filled, and of course far too short.

We had a fantastic time with Todd and Isabel, they were the perfect vacation partners! We made sure to get plenty of pan dulce, margaritas, frijoles and avocados. I'll spare you the details of eating, sleeping, drinking, beaching, swimming, napping, check out the flickr page for fotos. Ollie went a little crazy with the sunset pics, and as you'll see I did a lot of vacation knitting, but the pictures pretty much sum up the and sun.

In other adventure news, Michelle and Aidan road tripped it out to Boston for a quick visit. Their whirlwind tour included dinner at Stephanies, a stroll on the freedom trail, lunch in the north end, shopping on newbury street, a quick tour of Harvard Square, dinner at Om, a trip to the ICA, lunch at Flour and hair of the dog at Lucky's, and a farewell dinner at Sonsie. Phew! We ate our way through Boston, and kept the lights on at the Drop to boot!

It was lovely to see them, we're looking forward to more qft at Christmas, but I'll be in Chicago soon because Nita launched on Wednesday and made me an Auntie again! Everyone, meet Evan:

Clearly I'd better get knitting or he'll never fit into that sweater! Don't worry, Auntie Pants has already started a blankie!


leigh said...

wow - you guys have been busy! It sounds like the perfect time for you to have a break. Good for you.

Congrats to Nita (and you) on a new cute little guy. I can't wait to see pictures of all the knitted goodies you're working on!

leigh said...

ps - does it bug you that I make a comment on EVERY post you have? Maybe it will become a world record.

Pants said...

Don't be silly, I love it. Presumably you're the only person reading it! ;-)