Sunday, February 24, 2008

eye candy sunday

Liz turns 30 on monday, so we headed out to Camp Lizard last night for a little birthday fun. To ensure compliance with the camping theme, Ollie and I brought our PBR, beer cozies, and s'mores cupcakes--chocolate chip graham cracker cupcakes with toasted marshmallow-y frosting. Yum!

Liz and I have a lot in common, and one thing we both do very well is procrastinate the law school studying with arts and crafts. I knit her up a pair of spanish dancer socks, in a nice bubble gum pink to wear while studying, or not studying.....

and she sponge painted a ton of t-shirts so that we all could remember our awesome camp experience:

I didn't get my leatherworking badge, and Ollie sat out the three-legged race, but we had an awesome night nonetheless. So now the question is, do I study today, or do I get to work on more birthday surprises?


leigh said...

I NEED some of those socks. I hope you've already started on some orange ones for me (or red - or whatever color you want, except pink).

also - isn't it pretty cold for camping?

and I want to make those cupcakes - YUM.

Pants said...

I'll get right on those socks! ;-) Yeah, it was an indoor camping theme. They had one of those little tabletop s'mores makers, and balloons in the "shades" of fire. Pretty creative!

Emily said...

Dude! Is that me in the Camp Lizard shirt? I do look like a boy. Sigh.