Sunday, February 17, 2008

amazing jellies and aging rock stars

Ollie, Emily and I ventured out to the waterfront yesterday to see the U23D show at the IMAX, and to check out the aquarium. While it pales in comparison to the Shedd, the Jelly exhibit was mezmerizing, and apparently, the IMAX is the largest in New England, so that was a big selling point.

I don't really count the
Achtung tour as a concert, I had to use binoculars and really couldn't see A THING. Needless to say, coming home to learn that Bono pulled Shelby Dinwoodie up on stage during mysterious ways really blew the whole experience for me.

Redemption came when we saw them in Buffalo with P.J. Harvey on the ATYCLB Tour. I skipped out of the lab early and we ended up on the floor, at the tip of the heart. It was easily the best live show I have ever seen. Each and every time Bono was anywhere near us, I screamed like a little girl, even as his wrinkles and short stature diminshed the remnants of my school-girl obsession.

It amazes me that Bono can smoke like a chimney, yet still sound like he did when I was 12. The 3D IMAX show captured all that the live show has to offer and more; you're so close you can see minutia like the Edge's cute freckles, and the flat head on Larry's beer. My only complaint, and I mean only, was that while I appreciate the band's fervor, I think that the community experience of a live show really nails home the politically charged nature of the songs and leaves you feeling like you can make a difference. Even on New England's largest IMAX screen and in 3D, the message was lost on me. I guess it just felt sort of contrived. Maybe I'm just too old?

One thing's for sure...we're never too old for Jellies!

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leigh said...

I was thinking about Shelby Dinwoodie too (and you) when I went to the U23D show. Sad how that taints them for us (and I didn't even go to Seattle).

I agree that the live show is the best I've ever seen (of any band) and I forgot in my post to say that when I saw the 3D one I vowed I'd never miss another live show again!

I'm glad you started a blog! It looks great so far! (and it's so nice to "talk" to you.)

leigh said...

ps - I really like your title bar photo

Pants said...

Thanks! It's the view of Cambridge from our roofdeck, the roofdeck that we no longer have any access to! :-(