Tuesday, October 14, 2008

checking in....

Just checking in, does this thing still work?! Sorry 'bout the neglect on the ol' blog front, I don't even have a real excuse beyond apathy and laziness. However, October is ramping up to be our busiest month all year, so I may have some blog fodder beyond Andy Samberg talking to animals!

Since I managed to flub up my rezzies for my Grandma's birthday, I pushed the trip up to Leif Ericson day to spend some time with her instead. I managed to finish her cardigan in time for my trip out, and she was gracious enough to model it for me.

gram's cardi

It was a very well written pattern. I made no mods beyond knitting the sleeves in the round (which were a leetle long). I need some practice with finishing techniques, but I don't think Gram's going to judge my work too harshly, so she was the perfect recipient of my first adult-sized sweater.

I had a lovely visit, mostly just enjoying her company, watching the dodgers, puzzling, and hanging with Bertie and Jess. The weather was gorgeous, a nice change from the cooler wet weather we've been having in the bean.

This weekend we're heading out west to the Catskills for some car camping and a trip to Rhinebeck. Last year Emily and I discovered that this is the PERFECT weekend for leaf peeping, so it should be a great trip.

The Olivers are in town for a visit after that and then we're having our inaugural annual halloween party. Nothing too crazy, Ollie and I are going as Lars and Bianca (not that anyone will know who we are, but I'm excited nonetheless). Here's a preview of our costume:

lars and bianca

Life as normal persists, with the exception of our recent purchase--a new Vespa LX50! We picked her up after our labor day trip to Michigan for Stone's wedding (pics here!). We're trying to enjoy it as much as possible before the snow hits. Ronan took a few action shots of me the other day out in Brookline, I look so dorky in my helmet but I don't care---it's too much fun, and she's saving me loads of time on my work/school/home commutes.

365.47 (scooter!)

Best of all, you can ride in the bike lane and park it on the sidewalk, it's perfect for the city and gets 70 miles to the gallon! Woo hoo! My only complaint is that I've lost my bus/subway knitting time, which is cutting into my progress on my socks for socktoberfest! I've vowed to finish up the two pairs I have languishing on my needles by november....hmmmm.

socktober sox
jaywalkers for me and bff socks for dru


leigh said...

okay, first of all - love the sweater. it's beautiful!

how are you going to be a doll? and is ronan growing his own stache? (i hope so).

cool vespa too. that's so nice to have another vehicle!

i LOVE your stripes on your socks. how do you do that? very cool.

Jordan "Business in Front, Party in the back" Ginsburg said...

Oh man that Vespa looks freakin awesome dude and so do those socks. God, I could really use a pair (Size 13 because I play basketball) and did I mention that your knitting has come along way since I first met you! very good pants very good!

An Abundance of Lisa said...

LOL - Lars & Bianca!