Tuesday, July 1, 2008

summer school what?

I'm still in denial that I have class this summer, and even more so about the fact that my final is 22 days away. I am however, running full throttle into my knitting, making it rain FOs.

I finished a "good luck going away" hat for Sonu, but unfortunately was never able to snap a pic of him wearing it. I guess that means I'll have to plan a trip to NYC soon? darnit.

I went with my old standby, fig and plum's cashmere ribbed hat. It's a great pattern that fits just about everyone, and makes for a quick knit. It's especially lovely when knit with misti baby alpaca royal, (in hematite) easily my favorite yarn, so soft, light and warm.

My officemate also headed for greener pastures, (*cough McCain campaign cough*) so to wish her well, I knit up a pair of socks with the sliver moon superwash I picked up at MA Sheep and Wool.

spring forward
spring forward socks from Knitty summer 2008

I loved the pattern, and from the queue numbers in ravelry, I'd bet it's the next monkey! It was easy to memorize, fast to knit and best of all? No purling! Amber seemed pretty psyched with the gift too. The yarn? OY! The skeins were an absolute mess, and a total nightmare to wind!!! It was rough to knit and felt like chain mail but happily, it washed up soft. Based on the price and the resulting squishy socks, I'll probably pick up some more at Rhinebeck in the fall.

I had a little bit of yarn left over for Sara's birthday surprise on Sunday.

My creation

Another great pattern. It's a perfect use for leftover sock yarn, I'm sure I'll be making plenty more! I did make one mod. Instead of i-cord ties, I cast on five stitches and knit for about two inches, binding off in the same fashion. I used the resulting tab to fold over a rubber band, sewing it into the headband at both ends. Turned out well, and Sara seemed pretty psyched. Or was it the vodka?

And finally, after all that knitting for other peeps, I got in some knitting for yours truly. I know, I know, I keep saying I'm going to knit for myself, but my short attention span keeps me easily distracted with fun gift knits.

Anyway, this weekend, I frogged, restarted, and finished my knamaste yoga mat bag.


My first go at it I kept forgetting my yarn overs and ended up with some wonkiness from my random increases. This time around I paid closer attention, and I love it, it turned out perfect!

I made a few modifications, skipping the stockinette top and adding rectangle rings to the cast on and bind off edges so that I could thread my yoga strap through to use as the handle. I loathe knitting i-cord, (which concerns me, because the "i" in i-cord is for "idiot" right?) so I made the drawstring with the
wonder knitter™ I picked up on my trip to Chicago. Fun tv watching knitting at it's best!

Next up? Finish up my gram's birthday cardigan. Sadly, I ended up missing the big party. Long story short, I apparently am an idiot because when I redeemed my miles for the flight there, I never actually purchased the ticket. Sad Pants.

Instead, and unfortunately for my liver, I was here in the bean for an exciting and debauchery filled GTB weekend, which was pretty fun and of course, very entertaining. Ollie's post recapping the weekend is on the horizon....stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Although I do enjoy all of the posts by Pants, it seems that Ollie is no where to be found.

Ollie said...

Alright alright I will post tonight or tomorrow.